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Woodpecker DBA® i-Sensor Digital X-Ray Sensor w/ free software &Twain Compatible Free Techinical Support

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type: Type H1


Free Software with FMX, Bite Wing etc 12 templates & 2 Year Warranty & Free US Shipping

  • H1: 38.5*25*4.5mm, H1.5 43.5*29.2*4.5mm, H2 45*31.6*4.5mm

(H1: 1.52*0.98*0.18inch, H1.5: 1.71*1.15*0.18inch, H2: 1.77*1.24*0.18inch)


Twain Driver Compatible, working with EagleSoft, Open Dental, Dexis, CareStream, Tab32, Ortho2, Suni, Sota, Dentrix, XDR, SoPro, X Ray Vision and much more software. 



  • High resolution imaging - 25lp/mm theoretical resolution
  • C Mos Technology
  • Thinnest sensor 4.4mm
  • Durable and reliable: 80000+ bending test & IP68 protection rating
  • Smart and powerful software
  • H1 H1.5 or H2 3 different size available
  • Curved Edges to Avoid Patient Injury
  • Highly Flexible Cable
  • It has Twain option. and server function. 
  • Now there is no limit for computers connected to the software license.
  • I Sensor RVG serves as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process. Easy-to-use software, with workflow efficiency improvements.
  • As a powerful, centralized imaging hub for all patient images, Woodpecker i-Sensor manages all digital images, including intra- and extra-oral radiographs, as well as intra- and extra-oral photographs.
  • The trusted brand of Woodpecker now adds RVG line and service to its Imaging Portfolio which is available on, Woodpecker has built a stellar reputation as brand whose products extend from a strong lineage of imaging excellence and robust performance. 
  • An ideal solution for intraoral imaging needs, the easy-to-use sensor allows users to capture exceptional images quickly and easily.