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Woodpecker AiRay Lite Portable Handheld X Ray w/ scatter shield

SKU: 27-116

Woodpecker® Latest Handheld Portable X Ray 

Imported Japanese Canon 0.4mm High-Frequency X Ray Tube

Emission Power up to 140W Super High Performance and Efficiency

7500mAh High Capacity Lithium Battery Delivers a longer endurance

Primary Technical Parameters:

Power adapter input: ~ 100-240V 50/60Hz 3mA 

Internal power supply: DC 10.8V

 X-ray tube

a) X-ray tube model: D-045;

b) Focal spot: 0.4mm;

c) Target angle: 12.5°;

d) Total filtration: 1.5mmAl/70 kV;

e) Additional filtration: 0.5mmAl/70 kV

 Product specifications

Dimension: 338mm*112mm*247mm

Weight: 2.4KG