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Vakker® VK88 9 Program Endo Motor Root Canal Treatment Device with LED Light

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All-in-one root canal treatment device. This tiny and lightweight equipment enables simultaneous use of the endo motor and apex locator. This also controls your obturator's pack and fill functions. This gadget will be put on your dentist's chair or cart for convenience and accuracy. The innovative automated calibration function of the root canal treatment device provides precision and eliminates the influence of changes in temperature, moisture, and so on within the canal even during treatment.

Key Fearues:

1st, 9 Program available, with Reciprocating mode.

2nd, Reverse or Auto Reverse available.

3rd, LED Light offer better view ability and easier operation.

4th, 16:1 mini head electric handpiece.

5th, Optional food pedal available, the unit can working with/without the food pedal.

6th, Maximum Compatability. Wide speed and torque range make VK88 compatable with most file system such as FKG, Dentsply, Edge Endo, Vakker etc on the market.



Torque: 0.4-6.0 N,

Speed: 100-600rpm

P9 Reciprocating Mode, the Torque can not be adjust, only can change the speed!

Warranty: 1 year.