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Vakker® V1 High Speed Air Turbine Dental Handpiece 4 Hole Non-Optic


The 4-hole High-Speed Air Turbine Handpiece has a sleek, beautiful form and a smooth, scratch-proof chrome surface. This high-speed air turbine handpiece is manufactured utilizing patented laser balancing technology and contains a premium cartridge for enduring accuracy and extended life.


  • NON-Optic
  • Water Spray 4-Port
  • Push-Button
  • Autoclavable

Vakker® V1 High Speed Air Turbine Handpiece

  • NON-Optic
  • Single Spray Water
  • Push-Button
  • Autoclavable upto 135℃
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty 
  • V1 High Speed Dental Handpiece Torque Head Push Button 4 Holes Japanese Ceramic Bearing Four Points Anti Retraction Single Water Spray.
  • Air Pressure: 0.25--0.3 Mpa
  • Speed: 320,000-400,000rpm
  • Torque: 0.4-0.45N
  • Water Pressure: 0.2- 0.23Mpa
  • Atomization Pressure: 0.3-0.35Mpa
  • Noise: ≤65dB.
  • Exposed cartridge.