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vakker® Gates Glidden Drills, Stainless Steel 6PCS/PACK

Size: 32mm #01

Gates Glidden Drills, Stainless Steel


Our Gates Glidden drills are typically used to shape the coronal third of the root canal. To prevent contamination and maintain hygiene and sanitary safety, all tools must be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before each use. This applies to both the initial and future uses. Gates Glidden drill instruments labeled "sterile" do not require any special preparation before the first use, but must be followed for all subsequent uses if not labeled "single-use."


6 pieces per pack

Made by Stainless Steel (Korean 304 material)
28mm and 32mm sizes available, 6pc/pack, single or assorted size package available.

Max Rotary Speed is 800rpm

Dental Drills made of high quality material with excellent durability.