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vakker® Automatic Crown and Bridge Remover System-Easy Remover

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Automatic Crown & Bridge Remover 

Vakker's crown and bridge remover is an automated crown and bridge remover. This crown and bridge remover allows you to successfully remove crowns and bridges from your patients while causing minimal discomfort.


  • Micro strokes with a high frequency of up to 20 movements per second
  • 5 intensity levels for soothing, regulated intensity
  • Ergonomic design for a secure grip
  • Fits all E-type electric and air-driven motors.

Kit Includes 1 Handle, 4 Tips, 3 Wire Tips, And Set of 3 Replacement Wires
Automatic Crown and Bridge Remover
easy remover crown and bridge remover vakker dental
safe relax crown and bridge remover


1 Year