Vakker® 16:1 Straight low speed reduction handpiece



This low speed handpiece is compatible with any handpiece shank. All heads and shanks are autoclavable at up to 135°C and extremely durable. Low speed handpieces can also be utilized for disposable angle cleaning and polishing. Orthodontics IPR uses a handpiece in conjunction with a tiny disc.


  • For CA bursts (2.35)
  • Max.40,000 RPM
  • E-Type ISO
  • Non-Spray 16:1
  • Non-Optical

Straight Nose Cone Reduction low speed Handpiece


- For CA burs(ø2.35)

- Max.40,000 RPM

- ISO E-Type

- 16:1 Non-Spray

- Non-Optic

1 Year warranty


Spec: Fit any air or electric E type motor, help to reduce the heat while performing IPR, 135 °C autoclaveable, 2.35 burs.

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