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Nic-tone Rubber Dental Dam (Medium)

Size: 6x6 – 36 Piece
Color: Blue
Bundle: 3-Pack

Dental Dam Latex

Dental dam latex by Nic Tone Professional latex sheet for the operating room Isolates from a single tooth to the complete dental arch of the operative region, allowing enough vision and preventing cross-contamination and dental materials and tools from dropping into the mouth cavity.


 Can be stretched up to 800% without ripping (including split dam)

Powder and protein content are both low.

The colors contrast with the oral tissues 

Soft tissue retraction is possible using this device to improve resistivity and elongation

Made with the highest quality latex


Simple to use.

Excellent tear resistance.

It adjusts effectively to the teeth.

Colors provide high contrast, which is ideal for photography.

The scent/flavor of mint is delightful. 

Buy dental supply to utilize the advantages of nictone rubber latex dental dam.