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Micro Hybrid Composite Resin Package, 4gm X 5 Syringes ( A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, Bonding, Etch, Accessories)

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Micro Hybrid Composite Resin

Advantages and features

  • DenFilTM N is a versatile micro hybrid composite resin that may be used in both posterior and anterior restorations.
  • The Multi Nano-sized Particle Distribution Technology is used in DenFilTM N. (MNPT). MNPT gives it a highly aesthetic look and natural color that blends with the surrounding tooth structure.
  • DenFilTM N has excellent handling characteristics and is non-slumping.


  • Restorations for posterior teeth (class I, II, V) and anterior teeth (Class III, IV, V).

A universal micro hybrid composite resin for core construction