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Light-cured Flowable Composite Bulk Fill Restorative Material

SKU: FR102-A000


  • DenFilTM Flow is a light-cured radiopaque flowable composite resin, which has low shringkage and good mechanical properties.

  • DenFilTM Flow is designed to provide optimum flowability and handling can be used for restoration narrow & deep cavity as well as cervical area.

  • DenFilTM Flow contains micro-hybrid fillers to provide excellent color adaptability, nature-like esthetics and high-gloss polishability.


● Fast and easy procedure
● One increment up to 4mm
● Void-Free
● High radiopaque
● Good cavity adaptation
● Excellent wear resistance
● Satisfaction of the ISO 4049 requirements

● A Type (2g x 2 syringes)

- Shade: U, A1, A2, A3, B1

- Accessories: Disposable tips

● Base/Liner under direct restorations (Class I, II)
● Blocking out of undercuts
● Repair of composite/ceramic veneers
● Anterior restorations (Class III, IV)
● Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge shaped defects)