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Christensen Crown Remover

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Tip: 90° Christensen Crown Remover


Our best-selling Christensen Crown Removers are ideally constructed to remove permanent crowns after sectioning the crown with a bur. Notched tips aid in effortless removal.

Every dentist has their own method of crown removal. Our popular Christensen Crown Remover is ideally constructed for the disassembly method of crown removal. After sectioning the crown with a bur, the elevator handle provides a comfortable grip and maximum leverage. The notched tip then aids the single-end Christensen Crown Remover in effortless removal.

This product is available in two formats:

  • The straight tip Christensen Crown Remover works well for anterior teeth.
  • The angled, 90-degree Christensen Crown Remover is ideally suited for posterior teeth.

Christensen Crown Remover Specs

Here’s the low-down on our best-selling single end crown remover:

  • Available in angled tip or straight tip
  • Elevator handle for optimal comfort and grip
  • Notched tips
  • Crafted from high-quality, sustainable stainless steel