Ambar Universal AP 5ml

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Ambar Universal APS is a self-etching dental adhesive that can be used to adhere to enamel and dentin (restoration and cementation). The glue can be applied in a variety of ways and can also be used as a primer for metals and ceramics. A dependable dental adhesive that performs well in damp dentin. It adheres well to a variety of surfaces, including metals, ceramics, composites, and fiberglass posts. It is nearly colorless, making it an excellent alternative for aesthetic dentistry offices.

• Ambar Universal APS Dental Adhesive – 1 bottle with 5ml

Ambar Universal APS Dental Adhesive

• High bond strenght in different modes Self-etching, selective-etching on enamel or total-etching.

<class="avia-permanent-lb">Adhesion to different types of surface Metals, ceramics, CAD / CAM resin and intracanal posts.

• Perfect for intracanal application High adhesion rates in the intracanal region; Better polymerization even in the apical region; Greater compatibility with dual cements.

• Enhanced MDP: In AMBAR Universal APS, the MDP is more reactive, which has been achieved by redistributing the concentrations between solvents, water and acidic monomers. This higher reactivity increases the adhesive capacity of dentin (mainly without previous acid etching) and indirect substrates, besides providing adhesive film stability.

• BPA Free Formula Ensuring safety and health.

• Balanced solvents and monomers: which provides high affinity for the surface of the moistened and demineralized dentin, contributing to adequate penetration of the adhesive and good formation of the hybrid layer, thus resulting in high adhesive strength and adhesion quality.


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