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Alpha-Dent® Zinc Phosphate Cement


Zinc Phosphate Cement

Alpha-Dent® Cements are specially formulated for superior strength, resistance to dissolution, and oral retention. They are impervious to oral fluids, and thus permanent under oral conditions. The material is recommended for cementing crowns, inlays, orthodontic bands, temporary fillings, fixed bridges, or as a base under any filling material.The zinc phosphate cement can be put over newly sliced dentin without producing pulpal irritation because of the HY-Agent ingredient. An extremely high-strength permanent phosphate cement that is possibly the oldest and most widely used cement still in use. It also acts as an effective thermal shock insulator.

Alpha-Dent® Zinc Phosphate Cement Kits:

  • 32g Powder 
  • 16.5ml Liquid 
  • Measuring Scoop

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