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Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch

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Ainsworth Rubber Dam Punch Forceps

The Ainsworth type rubber dam punch from ProDentUSA can create tear-resistant and clean holes in every type of rubber dam, even the thickest material. We make this rubber dam punch from durable, sustainable stainless steel. It has a disc you can rotate easily to make five different hole sizes, so you don’t have to reach for another tool each time.

Autoclavable for hygiene and compliance, the Ainsworth type rubber dam punch is about 6.6 inches (17 cm) in length. Sturdy construction allows for years of use. designed the rubber dam punch with operator comfort in mind, which allows you to serve patients more effectively, day after day.

The versatile rubber dam punch is a must-have for any endodontist or general practitioner because it makes isolation a breeze. With ProDentUSA you can order as many or as few as you like, so consider buying multiples for your practice.

  • 5 different hole sizes in easy-to-rotate disc
  • Perfect for making holes in rubber dam for all teeth
  • 17cm/6.5in length
  • Autoclavable