FGM Wit Hp Automixx Teeth Whitening Kit


The most effective kind of in-office whitening is hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. It comes in a double-body syringe to make product application easier.

Key features include:

  • A self-mixing system
  • A single application per session 
  • Calcium is present.
  • Teeth whitening gel with 35% hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide at 35% for in-office whitening. The product comes in a double-body syringe and offers more practicality and efficacy to impress even the most demanding patients.
  • Yield: the syringe yields up to 4 complete applications (smile line) on both arches. Remaining content can be stored and used later
  • Single application per session: the product may be kept from 40 to 50 minutes in contact with teeth and no need for change the gel, since its pH remains neutral and stable during the entire session
  • Practicality: phases are mixed via a self-mixing nozzle and the product is released ready for application, with no need for manual mixing
  • Contains calcium: to keep enamel integrity during the whitening process. Studies show that calcium significantly improves enamel microhardness
  • No accelerating light source required. In case of use, it comes with heat blocker that avoids the heat generated by these sources to reach the pulp, preventing hypersensitivity
  • Gel with easy to handle viscosity

  • Made in Brazil.



    Many patients want affordable teeth whitening procedure costs, you can order dental teeth whitening kits online for your dentist Office.

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