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Eco-S Light cured pit & fissure sealant

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Features and benefits

  • Eco-STM, pit & fissure sealant, is a light-cured dental material designed for sealing the enamel pit and fissure of teeth for the prevention of caries.

  • By adding specific nano-fillers to Eco-STM, it has good properties like shear bond strength, micro-leakage and wear resistance.

  • Eco-STM has an appropriate viscosity, to enable the sealant to penetrate the depths of pits. So it provides good efficacy as well as workability.


  • Sealing the enamel pits and fissures of teeth for prevention of caries

Refill Kit

  • Sealant 1.2ml x 4syringes - Disposable tips (black)