100 Dental Disposable Saliva Ejectors, Blue Body Clear Tip, Evacuation Suction Tips

$7.99 $10.99
  • PLIABLE These saliva ejectors are made to uniquely contour to each patient’s mouth and hold the shape throughout the dental procedure.

  • NON-REMOVABLE TIP Unlike other disposable saliva ejectors, ours feature a soft, non-removable tip which prevents tissue aspiration and facilitates uninterrupted removal of fluids and small debris particles.

  • OPTIMAL SUCTION A special designed non-removable tip provides optimal suction without clogging with aspirated tissue.

  • NON-TOXIC As with all Emerald products, priority is patient comfort, health, and safety. In keeping with this standard Emerald dental saliva ejectors are 100% latex free and non-toxic.

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