200 Dental Saliva Ejectors, Blue Body Clear Tip


Dental Disposable Saliva Ejectors

Dental saliva ejectors conform to each patient's mouth and maintain the proper shape during dental treatments. These disposable dental saliva ejectors include a soft, non-removable top that has been carefully developed to enable excellent suction by limiting tissue aspiration and promoting quick and uninterrupted evacuation of fluids and tiny waste particles. There are three distinct hues to choose from.

  • PLIABLE These saliva ejectors are made to uniquely contour to each patient’s mouth and hold the shape throughout the dental procedure.

  • NON-REMOVABLE TIP Unlike other disposable saliva ejectors, ours feature a soft, non-removable tip which prevents tissue aspiration and facilitates uninterrupted removal of fluids and small debris particles.

  • OPTIMAL SUCTION A special designed non-removable tip provides optimal suction without clogging with aspirated tissue.

  • NON-TOXIC As with all Emerald products, priority is patient comfort, health, and safety. In keeping with this standard Emerald dental saliva ejectors are 100% latex free and non-toxic.

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